Our coaching programmes are customised to the needs of the organisation and the developmental shifts that are required of the coaching client.

Important elements that we consider in the design of any coaching programme include: 

•  Alignment with Line Manager and other key stakeholders including HR

•  360 feedback for objective data on how the client is showing up in their environment

•  Psychometric assessments for better self-awareness

Our programmes are designed around the varying needs of different groups and individuals within the organisation including:

Emerging Leaders - new people leaders, individual contributors with several key stakeholders, and small team people leaders looking to improve overall effectiveness and skills development

Targeted Leaders – for individuals transitioning into new roles, leaders seeking to improve their overall effectiveness as leaders and to have greater impact within the organisation. Often includes a 360 process and a relevant psychometric assessment

Senior Leaders - for senior level leaders looking to transform their leadership impact. Often includes 360 interviews, a psychometric assessment and alignment discussions with key stakeholders

We also design programs that blend both a learning journey and coaching programme into one experience. These programs are particularly well suited for periods of crisis management, newly appointed leaders, or used as a way to offer an alternative to large face to face programmes. Theses programmes include 30-minutes of content on a pre-designed topic area and 45 minutes of coaching. Participants will also received take away packages that explore the topic area in an easily accessible one-page overview.


Our approach to learning is grounded in developmental psychology and applied neuroscience.

All our learning journeys focus on giving participants:

• Improved self-awareness

• Exploration of key mindsets, behaviours & assumptions that inhibit or accelerate development

• Inquiry-based methodology

• Highly experiential programmes that naturally pull participants through a journey that reveals deeper insights

Our programmes can vary in in content, length, frequency and target market needs. Typical programmes include: 

Skills based training programmes including empowering communication, time management, sales capability, understanding change, and emotional intelligence.

Leadership off-sites - programmes designed to leverage the community of leadership brought together to work with strategic planning initiatives while also providing developmental opportunities

Cohort development journeys - bringing together a key segment of the organisation for multi-year learning journeys. This may include new leaders, high- potential populations or varying levels of leadership teams.

We have worked with groups as small as 7-10 participants and as large as 300+ participants.  We work to develop a highly customised approach based on the needs of the organization and the target participant group


With increasing complexity in our day to day business environments, many organisations are wanting to build better coaching capabilities with their leaders to ensure that they are building engaged, high performing and thriving teams. We offer multiple options for coaching programmes within organisations. Our programmes can be designed to respond to the following needs:

• Developing coaching culture in organisations

• Coaching skills development 

• Certified programmes for professional credentialing of in-house coaches & on-going internal supervision

• Ad-hoc training programmes based on specific needs


OSC Leadership Performance offer two key coaching offerings across groups and teams:

Group Coaching - Designed to support groups (ideal size 5-8 participants) who are progressing through leadership or developmental journeys.  Sessions are conducted virtually at agreed intervals and focus on reinforcing key concepts, supporting relationship based learning and building collaborative connections across organisations.

Leadership Team Coaching - Working with intact leadership teams, this coaching approach seeks to transform the way leadership teams work together. Objectives may include:

Developing alignment in their approach to their goals and their teams

Developing a robust mechanism to handle both internal conflicts and exteral challenges

Ensuring that their actions are aligned with their organisational purpose.

These programmes typically bring a leadership team together for a 1/2 - 2 days of intensive sessions and incorporate the use of a relevant assessment followed by team coaching at relevant intervals (typically monthly or quarterly).


Our approach to developing high performing teams is grounded in an understanding of team dynamics, systems thinking and connecting individual values and team drivers with organisational strategy.

The types of objectives our clients may include:

• Improving communication and collaboration
within the team

• Developing a sense of purpose and passion within the team, with clarity and clear linkage to the organisational strategy

• Encouraging broader perspectives and exploring the needs of relevant stakeholders

• Agreeing ‘ways of working’ that enhance performance

• Building a culture of ownership and empowerment

These programmes are highly customised, but typically incorporate the use of an assessment, a 1-2 day team workshop and team coaching or short follow up workshops at appropriate intervals.


Our integral learning journeys are developed based on best in-class and highly innovative leadership development theory that incorporates several different frameworks.

Often targeted at the most senior levels in an organization, these programmes are based on the fundamental premise that learning journeys should be designed to improve complexity in thinking versus capability development.

Key learning objectives include:

•   adaptive challenges versus technical problems

•   are you diagnosing and strategizing correctly?

•   vertical development versus horizontal development

•   are you building your people and teams as effectively as possible?

•   integration of business strategy with people development strategies

•   leveraging innovation and agile thinking into the culture of the organization

We often use the Global Leadership Profile (GLP) or the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) as a input into these programs. To learn more about this, please click here to read Harvard Business Review Article.