Our Approach

OSC Leadership Performance adopts an approach to learning that is grounded around three core knowledge pillars:

Adult Development Theory (Developmental Psychology) 

Applied Neuroscience

• Positive Psychology 

These three knowledge pillars inform the design and structure of the majority of our programmes.  

We believe that any developmental shift, from transformational to incremental behavioural change, requires an exploration of the individual and their key mindsets, behaviours and assumptions that may inhibit or accelerate their development.

Our perspective, focuses on the what, how and why of development.  

Our experience has shown that L&D programmes often outline the key behaviours they want to see (what) and define a learning pathway (how) very well, but fail to understand why participants may or may not readily change behaviour.  We begin from a place of why to better define a more robust learning or coaching journey that results in higher engagement and retention.

All our learning and coaching journeys are developed based on an inquiry-based methodology.  We develop deep experiential programmes that naturally pull participants through a journey that reveals deeper insights and truths to result in more sustainable and transformational change over the long-term.