Coaching has shifted significantly in its goals and outcomes over the past several decades, entering what some researchers are calling third generation coaching focused on deeper meaning and identity work (Stelter, 2014 and Grant, 2016).  The Biographical Dimensions of Meaning Making (BDMM)© is a third-generation coaching framework, inspired by the HASIE model.  It is a tool designed to create a deep shared understanding of the client, explore the non-conscious, and do the meaning making work associated with this emerging perspective in coaching.


Join Facilitator & Supervisor Saba Hasanie for an integrated journey of the Biographical Dimensions of Meaning Making.




What you will gain from this programme:

1. A structured framework to create a shared understanding of the client – how the past informs who they are today
2. How the non-conscious emerges from the intersectionality of the past, present and future

3. Integrating support through 1:1 Supervision with an accredited Supervisor

Programme Fee of $1,250 USD ($995USD for ION Partners)


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Integrated Journey over 6 Months